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Fast, reliable, selective, and protected exchange of information imposes a need for a private network. VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows the use of the same infrastructure across different networks, thus forming a virtual tunnel and using protocols for protection and authentication in transmission that guarantee the security, confidentiality and integrity of the data. VPN allows the connection of two or more remote locations into a single local computer network. For the realization of this network, special protocols are used that enable data encryption, which enables secure data exchange between users inside the VPN system. IP VPN represents a set of users (individual clients and / or networks) connected to the Internet through their Internet service providers, and uses IP as a protocol. The service is primarily intended for users who need to connect more physically remote networks to a single private network. IP VPN allows for fast and economical data exchange between remote offices, as well as access to employees’ resources from employees in remote locations.

There are many reasons for VPN. The most important are:

  • VPN provides access to the company’s resources in all locations, which is a basic prerequisite for developing corporate internal network and remote access.
  • VPN provides the highest level of data security, which allows the transmission of confidential data without interruption on the Internet or completely private IP network, where only authorized users have the right to access.
  • In addition, VPN provides an economically viable solution. It ensures an equal level of security as well as rental of a separate private line, with significantly lower costs.
  • Ability to quickly add new remote users.
  • Using an existing infrastructure.
    The distribution of the network enables us to offer our services to the customers in Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Qatar … we offer the opportunity to connect across the whole world.


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